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Cloverleaf Precision will be hosting the Dynamic Pistol handling at Canadian Gun Range this July 13!!

This course is designed for your basic level student to gain the knowledge and confidence in Pistol Handing skills for everyday carry.  *A BASIC PISTOL COURSE IS REQUIRED*  Expanding on the fundementals while getting each person comfortable with pistol manipulation and utilization.  We will cover the following:


  • Holster Draws/Concealment Draws
  • Acceptable sight picture/quick response engagement and close and mid-range distances
  • “Getting off the X” and what to do from there
  • Disengaging from Range Mentality to the everyday environment.
  • Utilizing and negotiating barricades and cover.
  • Gear utilization and consideration for everyday carry vs. range carry.



Pistol with 300 rounds of caliber specific ammo

Minimum 3 magazines with concealment and/or Duty magazine carrier

Concealment and/or Duty Holster

Eye and Ear protection

Everyday carry clothing with appropriate footwear

Cover garments (Please bring light jackets to practice concealment draws. 


Canadian Gun Range

7400 Jensen Road E

El Reno, OK 73036


Date and Time:

July 13, 2019

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Dynamic Pistol Handing

  • Refunds will be handled on a case by case basis.  All cancelations will be credited towards future courses depending on availability.