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According to the Department of Justice, most attacks occur at night by most adult criminals.  Why is that?  The night is when the dark becomes useful to those who prey on the weak.  They use this to mask their movements, weapons, and intentions.  Harder to identify, harder to witness, and easy to accomplish violent tasks with the ability to escape.  Most train during the day with plenty of light targets easily identifiable, and perfect conditions.  The night is where most evil feel the night gives them an advantage.

    Defend the Darkness.  Take away that advantage with low light/ no light urban tactical training course.  Take back the night by knowing how to use a flashlight as a tool, weapon, and a defensive measure.  We will cover flashlight selection, techniques in shooting with your light, and how to use your light in multiple environments. Even during the day, a flashlight is a great tool for dark places such as parking garages, poor lit situations, and a defensive weapon when needed. 

    Learn how effective a simple flashlight can be as a self-defense tool!  Take back the darkness and make it one less thing others can use against you. 



•    Pistol of Choice w/ 2 extra magazines – 200 Rounds

•    Ear/Eye protection

•    Tactical Handheld flashlight of choice

•    IWB Holster

•    Everyday clothing

•    Healthy and capable (We will be conducting some high-intensity exercises.)

We will be outdoors, so dress appropriately. 


$300 per person.

Defeat The Darkness

  • Refunds will be handled on a case by case basis.  All cancelations will be credited towards future courses depending on availability.